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Master Lock Key Store Louisville, KY 502-354-4412What is a house without a lock? It is the first level of security against the intruders and thieves that might want to barge into the house, if they find it unprotected. The world around us is changing fast and is becoming more insecure for the common people. Therefore, security of homes is the sole responsibility of the owner and any let up on that front is equivalent to openly inviting the troublemakers inside.

Any lock, no matter how sophisticated it is, wears down after persistent usage. As a user, the least you can do is monitor the health of the security system regularly and inform us in case of any problem. Master Lock Key Store is the last word in providing locksmith services of unparalleled excellence. We have a huge network of professionals working round the clock to troubleshoot various problems such as repairing and installation of new locks. Our team also takes stock of the current security systems of the house and upgrades them, if found necessary. Due to the presence of our Residential locksmith store across the length and breadth of Louisville, KY area, you are assured of the best branded and quality locks available.

What’s in store for you?

Locksmith inventory of Master Lock Key Store is second to none both in terms of quality and diversity. Right from the mechanical to electronic components, a wide range of locks is available across the Residential locksmith stores, according to the requirements and the specifications of the clients. Not only that, state of the art locks of varied complexities can also be purchased from us at affordable rates.

Our duty doesn’t end with just the provision of the product, but we have also have a dedicated group of technical support executives ready to help you with the installation and the enhancement of existing security devices. They are trained and experienced enough to resolve the problems, come hell or high water at any time of the day.

Get on-call service at your doorstep:

We are always ready to deliver locksmith services at the client’s site anywhere in the Louisville, KY area.  Now, the days of commuting to the Residential locksmith store are long gone as our technical experts quickly respond to the call of the customers and reach the spot at the speed of light. Time and the location don’t matter for us, as we are omnipresent in the Louisville, KY area and with the help of extremely talented staff and top of the line equipment, solving locksmith problems becomes a walk in the park.

So, call us at 502-354-4412 to avail our services today!