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Imagine a scenario when due to a single dilapidated lock, miscreants intrude into the house and steal all the valuables. It is not a far-fetched situation as similar incidents have been occurring in Louisville, KY area. You read about them in the news, but fail to take the necessary action to prevent it from happening to you. Contact Master Lock Key Store to get top of the line services to secure your home today! Whether it is a defective lock or new installation, we are proficient in handling the problems deftly and ensure that our residential locksmith services are the best among equals. By carefully researching the client site, our technical experts suggest an optimized security-strategy to make the home burglar-proof.

Our service offerings

The 24/7 locksmith for your home

Master Lock Key Store Louisville, KY 502-354-4412Unlike others, we are always available at your service round the clock. A single call and we are up and running to your house in order to sort out any emergency issue. If you are locked out of your home by mistake, buzz us and get a duplicate key created on the spot. Our residential locksmith service also incorporates the installation of highly complex locks that do not require keys for operation. In fact we are considered the final word in rectifying the electronic circuitry and intricate parts of modern locks.

Home security experts

DIY strategy in modern times, especially, in case of locksmith issues is risky because the security of your home is on the line. Why attempt to do everything on your own when we are available to take care of all your lock and key needs? Our professionals are specifically dedicated to the installation, repair and rekeying of locks with a very higher degree of professionalism and finesse. They are skilled, trained and battle-ready to accept any challenge, irrespective of the time and complexity. Thanks to them, we are the number one residential locksmith service provider in the Louisville, KY area.

Got a troublesome lock? Call the experts

If you are faced with a lockout situation or defective locks, call the experts and get them replaced. It doesn’t matter whether they are magnetic locks, deadbolts or even keypad locks.

Key-makers on the move:

So, when you cannot open the door of the house, do not try to get your key made at the hardware shop. Give us an opportunity to serve you with dedication and accuracy. What’s more, we also go ahead and change the locks that are more likely to fail in the near future. They are all a part of our residential locksmith service provided to the customers.      

Give us a call at 502-354-4412 to avail our extraordinary services today!