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You can be the sole homeowner, but there is no guarantee that the locks do not have a duplicate key. In a majority of cases, previous occupants might have the key to the installed security systems. In all probability, the person may try to gain entry into your premises. Would you want that? Whoever the individual is, his or her intent cannot be regarded as noble. If you want to ensure that the home is protected round the clock like a fortress, don’t hesitate to call Master Lock Key Store so that we can Re-Key locks as soon as possible.

How is rekeying locks achieved?

A quick change in the internal mechanism of the lock is required for rekeying. Our locksmith experts examine the pins and latches before replacing them with new ones. Thereafter, we set out by creating an entirely new key configuration to work seamlessly with the lock. Although the lock system is not changed, the key it operates with is completely new. Once the rekeyed locks are installed, you can be sure that any old keys will no longer open the locks.

Master Lock Key Store Louisville, KY 502-354-4412Benefits of rekeying locks:

  • Better than installing a new lock
  • You get a brand new set of keys
  • Old keys become redundant
  • 360 degree security enhancement
  • You can rekey to master key system

DIY rekeying VS hiring an expert:

People might adopt a DIY strategy for rekeying locks, but it is a huge mistake as they are no experts in handling the problem. A slight misalignment of the pin and tumblers could throw the whole process out of gear and you might end up with a faulty lock. The process is not only cumbersome, but also an expensive proposition; therefore, hire the best locksmith who can complete the task within the shortest possible timeframe.

24/7 locks rekeying service:

Master Lock Key Store understands the security issues of the customers in Louisville, KY and provides round the clock rekeying service for homes. Intruders can enter any time without warning; hence we provide instant services irrespective of the date and time. Call us to avail the services of our professionals who are perfectly capable in changing the orientation of the locks from scratch. Within minutes, we can rekey locks, design new keys and ensure that nobody gets inside without your permission. All you have to do is buzz us and our team will be at your home, no matter what.