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Master Lock Key Store Louisville, KY 502-354-4412In the past when people constructed buildings, scant regard was given to exit routes as an all out effort went to highlight grandeur, style and their durability. With passage of time, fires, earthquakes and other disasters which struck the structures resulted in a huge loss of life, because residents were not able to get out without appropriate emergency exits. Push bars have now become a regular feature of modern buildings as they facilitate quick exit during such emergencies. So, call Master Lock Key Store today and get them installed by professionals to secure your commercial premises. We also provide regular repairs and maintenance to ensure, that they work in optimum condition at all times.

How push bars work?

Working of Push bars is extremely simple because its primary motive is to get the people out quickly in case of emergencies. So what we have is a spring bar that doubles up as an opener by unlocking the latch with a single push. It is not complicated like the conventional lock where in you have to push the key inside the lock to open the door. Usage of Push bars is essential as during a fire breakout, clouds of smoke lead to extremely low visibility and complex locking systems installed at exits cannot protect the lives of people during such conditions.

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

Contrary to what most people think about Push bars, they are extremely easy to open from the inside but do not allow the intruders to get into the house or offices through the exit doors. They are as durable as any other lock but are only used as exit options. So, instead of calling any novice to perform installation, give us a shot, for our experts ensure that the only the best quality push bars are fixed on the exit doors to allow quick passage to the crowd during a crisis and prevent unauthorized individuals inside the premises.

Our service availability:

 Master Lock Key Store has been a consistent performer with respect to the installation and repairing of the Push bars, as and when required. Irrespective of your location in the Louisville, KY area, we quickly respond to emergency situations and fix the exit lock issue as soon as possible. Our team installs only the best push bars available in the security domain. It plays a pivotal role in providing safe passage to the customers and are extremely difficult to break-in no matter how experienced the thief. Therefore, if you want a live demo, give us a call today and get one installed on the exit door.

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